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4 comfortable looks for a cozy yet chic fall season

October 15th, 2015

Gabi Unleashed

As I see it, in life there are two ways to see the arrival of fall.

  • There's the…"What the $@#%&#!!! It's like summer only lasted a week and Dollarama's wasting no time putting its Halloween and Christmas decorations on special. "I can't possibly face my closet to do the old wardrobe switcherroo! It's too depressing!!"
  • and then there's the: "Yessss! Gotta love summer but now I'm in the mood to slip into some cute fall clothes and sip a nice hot toddy with a stick of cinnamon. Can't wait 'til next weekend to go for a nice brisk walk in a park and try out my new rain boots!"

Not surprisingly, me and my passion for fashion clearly fell into the "Oh yeah! Fall's here!" group. So if you're not warming up to the idea of taking your coat out of the closet quite yet, let me convince you with these four adorable looks - and did I mention totally comfy-cozy – and if you're anything like me, go ahead and share your Polyvore or Pinterest outfits in your comments below! ;)

The "Weekend at the chalet" attire

Whoever says Weekend at the chalet, is evoking apple-picking, walk in the woods, evening by the fire, and other activities typical of the season. So, to be comfy and warm (coming down with the flu is not part of the plans!) inside and out, my trick is to layer: sweater, oh-so-soft flannel top, sleeveless padded jacket, hooded windbreaker (if necessary) and the big scarf/mitten duo. Just add or remove according to the temperature – and just switch the flat booties for furry slipper booties when you’re hanging out inside.


The "Work meeting on those stormy days" look

It's often the same old story: the day I have a super-duper important work meeting for which I need to be really well-dressed in the fall, it never fails: that's the day it rains BUCKETS! So instead of finding myself stuck, devoid of any ideas, I have an outfit ready for business. My secret? It’s all about simplicity – I love the all-black look - with an unexpected piece or accessory that brings a little wow to the look. And this fall, the turtle neck is making a come-back so it's perfect! No need to worry about finding a matching scarf!


The "Dinner at home with friends" look

I love having dinner parties at my place in the fall: it's so nice and friendly and just perfect on a rainy day. What's more, I just received my Food Trip To Brazil box so I have a Brazilian-themed evening planned chez moi ce soir. For your info, Food Trip To… is a Montreal-based business that helps us to discover a country by taking us on a culinary and gourmet adventure: each box contains ingredients to prepare a typical meal from the country in question, cultural fact sheets, a playlist (!!), film recommendations, etc… in a nutshell – Sabrina, our official foodie, flipped out over all of this! So for this evening, I wanted comfy, yet festive and colourful clothes: it's all good because 70s-style maxi skirts are in style this fall!


The "Date at the restaurant" look

Whether we're talkin' a first date or an evening out with your long-time sweetie, try out the suede trend (so fitting for the season) with a buttery soft piece! Personally I go wild for suede in unusual colours - as in, not black  or beige - like this gorgeous shade of brick!


AND HERE'S THE SUPER BONUS: the special "Halloween - period version - look"


OK, that's a joke. I'm not so sure what my reaction would be if I saw this type of costume at my Halloween party… Zoé would certainly find it amusing given her very complex menstrual personality! ;)

So, what’s your favourite outfit?!?

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