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20 Thoughts We’ve All Had While Making Love

September 30th, 2016

Gabi Unleashed

As we all know, there’s more to sex than just the physical part. It’s MENTAL too. And let’s admit, our mind can sometimes wander, leading us places totally out in left field, far away from the sexual here and now! Here are 20 WTF thoughts we’ve all had while making love! ;)


1- Damn, did I remember to start the laundry?

2- And did I turn off the oven?

3- A little more to the right, no, no, more to the left… ah no, more to the right actually!

4- I wonder how my boobs look like that…

5- What’s his name already? Chris or Matthew?

6- Ooh! What’s that on the ceiling?! A spider??

7- Ok, ok, that does nothing for me, but I kind of have to look like I’m enjoying myself a little… time to tap into those academy award-winning talents here!

8- I’m so psyched for the new season of Game of Thrones to start up again!

9- I wonder what it’s like with a girl… or with a guy (depending on your sexual orientation ;) )!

10- I ate way too much at dinner; how on earth will I be able to move?

11- Please, please please… leave the lights off. I could so use a little touch-up, if you know what I mean!

12- Ok come on! That position’s done just in the movies… not in real life!

13- Shit! I forgot to buy bread at the grocery store.

14- Something’s missing here… do I take out my toy?

15- Uh oh, I need to make a #2... am I gonna be able to hold it until the end?!?

16- Uhhh WTF, what is he/she doing exactly?! Oh yeah, it’s actually not so bad… mmmm… yeah!!!

17- SHIT, did I take my pill yesterday??

18- My phone vibrated... maybe there’s a Pokemon in the bedroom!!

19- Eeeeeh! Don’t even think about going south on me… I haven’t showered since yesterday! 

20- OMG! It’s even better than poutine!!!


And sometimes I think of all these things… during ONE ENTIRE love-making session! You heard me – ONE! ;)

What other thoughts would you add to this list?

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