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10 Types of Infidelity on Social Media

July 19th, 2016

Gabi Unleashed

“Me: Who’s the chick who doesn’t stop commenting on all your Instagram photos?
Boyfriend: Ah, it’s just a work colleague… I think she’s a little into me!

Me: So tell me, why are YOU constantly commenting on HER photos too?

Boyfriend: …”

*buzzing noise of crickets. Nothing else.*

Are you seeing a little TOO MUCH of yourself in this situation? With all the social media accounts we maintain, it’s becoming easier and easier to virtually “cheat” on our special someone. Here are 10 situations that arise ONLY because of social media.

1—“Why do you like photos of so many random girls (or guys ?!?) on Instagram??”

Let’s hear it – or not – for that cool feature on Instagram that allows us to see what our friends like. How do you react when your guy/gal always likes a ton of photos of other girls/guys?

2— “But what’s your problem with speaking to your ex!?”

Imagine you use your partner’s laptop, just to quickly check your bank account. His/her Facebook page is open and you can’t help but notice the little red icon indicating that he/she wrote him/her. AHHHHHHH!!!!! There it is. The name of his/her ex. You confront your partner and he or she admits to speaking to his or her ex from time to time on Facebook, just to catch up…

3—“So Sab told me that she saw you on Tinder last night!!!”

Your single girlfriend comes up to you one fine morning with quite a doozie: she saw your partner on Tinder the night before! How can you not be P-O-ed when you know that the main point of Tinder is to meet people for a night of action or for a romantic relationship? 

4—“Who’s the chick who doesn’t stop commenting on all your photos?”

When all our partner’s photos attract a love-struck, hearts-in-the-eyes emoji left by a chick… not sure I love that! Who is this girl? And why is she always commenting on my partner’s photos? Personally, I don’t see myself asking my better half to stop commenting on someone’s photos … That would be a bit extreme!

5—“What did you send to cutiegirlxxx on Snapchat!?”

Snapchat is the best social network for someone who wants to maintain a virtual relationship without leaving any traces. Of course if you see that the most recent photos sent from your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s account are to girls that you don’t know, well, you tend to ask quite a few questions!

6—“But WHY don’t you want me to see your Facebook statuses??”

That’s right girls, Facebook is pretty well designed with its privacy settings and all. It is therefore possible to write a status and limit access to certain people or prevent certain people from seeing this status!

7—“What’s your problem with not wanting to present yourself as being “in a relationship” on Facebook?”

Okay, okay, I’m convinced that we could debate this point ad nauseum, but let’s face it, it’s a little strange that someone doesn’t want to represent themselves on Facebook as being in a relationship. It’s as if they wanted to keep the possibilities open…

8— “HUH!?! What do all those question marks from your friends mean about our couple status?”

So if your boyfriend or girlfriend finally agrees to change his/her status on Facebook to “in a relationship” (after being together for like a year) and all the friends comment with a zillion “???” or even “Really? Since when”?!? Ummmmm. AWKWARD.

9—“Why did you do a Google search on what vaginitis is?!?!”

When trying to look up a recipe a few days ago in your history, you realize that someone else did a search on vaginitis. It was clearly not the cat and you don’t have vaginitis…   

10—“Who’s the girl clinging to you in Mat’s photo?”

Let’s admit, we always kind of spy on the friends of our partner. :P Imagine coming across an Instagram photo from the night before that your friend posted and that we clearly see our boyfriend/girlfriend with a girl clinging a little too tightly, but who was carefully cropped from the pic! GOTCHA!!!

Okay, okay, I know we have to take social media with a grain of salt and try not to make mountains out of molehills. BUT you have to admit that the line of infidelity is pretty blurred on the Web! And if ever you decide to break up with your better half, don’t forget that being single for the summer is the best thing in the world! ;)

As for you, what other scenario would you add to this list?

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