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10 things that turn on all girls

February 25th, 2016

Gabi Unleashed

Whether we prefer a nerd, a bad boy or the sentimental type… there are some things that automatically turn us on, regardless of our type of guy! Here are my top 10! ;) 

1- Trust

Even if we've been with our boyfriend for like five years, but he still asks for our advice on something majorly important… and we are the only person he asks, it always makes us feel SO GOOD! That little voice in our head always says "Awwww, my opinion really matters to him!". 

2- Attraction

Being told you're sexy when the sweater you're wearing shows off stunning cleavage is one thing. But being told you're sexy when you're in cosy PJs and you're just waking up… it’s a whole other thing! Let's just say that it starts the day off on the right foot! ;)

3- Surprises

Coming home to flowers on the table or even to our favourite chocolate bar… Let’s just say it puts us in a very good mood for the rest of the day… *wink wink*.

4- Jealousy

We really don't want a jealous or possessive guy. HOWEVER it's always flattering when we feel our guy is getting a bit jealous when the bartender is checking us out… ;)

5- Food

For real, a guy can totally turn me on through my stomach. NO JOKE. So if a guy puts on that apron, prepares a meal for me while I watch, wine glass in hand, it's going to turn me on. EVERY. TIME. 

6- Intelligence

Not that we want a man to make us feel like a total idiot… we agree that an intelligent man is always very hot… at least more so than an idiot! :P

7- Sense of humour

In life, I love to laugh much more than being the one who makes others laugh. So it is very important for the guy to be funny! But there is always a time and a place for jokes - and the bedroom is not one of them! ;) 

8- Mid-length hair

Total turn on guaranteed: mid-length hair, tied in a ponytail. With that two-day stubble… OH. MY. GOD.

9- Independence

Probably the worst of all. The more independent a guy, the more we want him, until it drives us crazy! But the minute he pays too much attention to us, well, the challenge is over and he becomes clingy! :P

10- Scent

Ok, a guy who wreaks of AXE, 3 kilometers away, making your eyes tear up as he gets closer because the scent is so strong… that's lame. But a hint of men's cologne… irresistible! ;)

Are there any other turn ons you would add to this list? ;)

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