Once Upon a Month by Incognito

Obsessed with traveling and an expert Trivial Pursuit player, Nadia is curious by nature and loves to surprise us by sharing some completely off the wall cultural anecdotes collected during her travels.


Her parents being ethologists (scientists studying animal behavior), Nadia spent her childhood abroad, changing countries every 6 months or so. At 14, Nadia had her first period when she was on a small island in Indonesia with her parents. For two weeks, she refused to go swimming in the sea for fear that sharks would detect any trace of blood in the water and devour her. Today, a health and well-being columnist with a twist, Nadia lives in Quebec City with her two roommates.


On the blog, she tells us (almost too) bluntly but with the quickest wit, tales of calamity she experienced during her travels. Check out her articles to discover special cultural traditions!


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August 21st, 2017
I am just flabbergasted! Ok, so, today, allow me to get a little serious about a major issue that I need to address with all you ladies out there. Having...
August 24th, 2015
Okay, hormonal confession here: once during a barbecue with friends last summer, someone pushed me into the pool when I was fully dressed… and...
October 7th, 2014
Today I've decided to talk to you about the folk tale spread in many cultures around the world: the famous vagina dentata. Whaaaaat?!? Forget...
September 9th, 2014
I like to talk about experiences had around the world and about some pretty strange traditions. This time, I've decided to look at cultural trends...