Incognito. Simple ingenuity

Incognito – yesterday and beyond

Fempro-INCOGNITO® is a flourishing and competitive company that listens to what consumers have to say. Our feminine hygiene products are designed by women for women, thus ensuring we meet consumers real needs.

INCOGNITO® products are different from any other product on the market: dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and ink-free INCOGNITO® products combine innovation with respect for your body

Please follow our year-to-year history to see how we became what we are today :

2015 : INCOGNITO® celebrates its 25th anniversary and launches an INCOGNITO nano tampons multipack (3 degrees of absorption in one single box) and double formats of its compact tampon packs to complement the existing tampon options.

2014 : INCOGNITO® improves the softness of its Invisible Ultra Thin pads, the thinnest pads in Canada.

2013 : INCOGNITO® launches Incognito nano, its new range of compact tampons with a new absorption technology in a discreet format. Incognito© also refreshes its look: packages show a redesigned image.

2012 : INCOGNITO® launches several new double formats to better meet the needs of its consumers.

2011 : INCOGNITO® launches a pantiliner and a Maxi pad for optimal protection.

2010: INCOGNITO® very proudly launches the INCOGNITO STYLE® its first ever line of tampons, offered with ultra soft and easy to hold plastic applicators.  The same year, the daily pantIliners and INVISIBLE pads are redesigned to offer an even greater protection and more incredible comfort.

2009: INCOGNITO® adopts a new image with refreshed packaging showing bright and vivid colors, and including new identification grids and charts.  

2008: Introduction of the new REFLEX pantiliner which can absorb up to 10 times its own weight while being extremely thin and flexible.

2007: Year of three great launches. First, the new intimate cleansing cloths, 100% biodegradable and flushable, fragrance-free and alcohol-free as well as hypoallergenic.  Follows, the one and only FANTÔME micro panty liner. The thinnest and smallest panty liner on the market. Last, the new CONTACT ultra thin pads are introduced. They offer unprecedented protection against sudden flows as well as enhanced body contact for better comfort.

2005: The COMFORT TABS are introduced on the market, the first protective tabs to be proportional to the pad’s level of protection.  

2004: The brand launches two new innovative products: INCOGNITO® TANGO, a panty liner with a shape designed to fit any type of thongs, and the pantiliner odor control to go.

2002: Fempro is named “Company of the year – Small Medium Business” and honoured with the “New Investment Project – Small Medium Business” award, by the Fédération des Chambres de commerce du Québec.  

2001: INCOGNITO® revolutionized the market with its launch of the INVISIBLE pad, a paper-thin product while also offering an exceptional level of protection.  

2001: The Company moves its installations to a larger building which also allowed the creation of several jobs.  

1996: INCOGNITO®’s image is redesigned and the daisy, now famous symbol of the brand, appears for the first time on the packaging.

1992: INCOGNITO® introduces the TWIN GROOVES SYSTEM®, a revolutionary invention that is soon imitated by all other private and national brands.

1991: INCOGNITO® is one of the first manufacturers of feminine products to offer an ultra thin pad.

1990: Vania becomes the new INCOGNITO® brand. Packaging is redesigned, adopting bright appealing colors.   

INCOGNITO® Hypoallergenic.
Fragrance-free.  Dye-free