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Tampon with an applicator: How do I use it?

If this is your first time using a compact tampon with an applicator, take the time to look at the applicator and understand the way it works before insertion. Warning: do not push the tampon out of the applicator tube before inserting it into the vaginal opening.  

Examine the applicator: Its rounded tip and satin finish allow for easy insertion of the tampon into the vagina. The applicator consists of two plastic tubes. The rounded end of the larger tube is the upper part of the applicator; the tampon itself is within this tube. The smaller tube is used to push the tampon out of the applicator and into your vagina.

You cannot see the tampon when looking at the applicator (it is inside). The tampon is a small absorbent pad located inside the wide plastic tube, with a cord attached that extends from the applicator. The pad absorbs your menstrual flow. The cord is used to remove the tampon after use.

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