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Pads and tampons: Differences

A pad is worn inside your underwear, so it is outside your body, and it stays in place with an adhesive strip. It absorbs the blood that flows out of the vagina and protects clothing. There are so many different varieties that you might want to try a few before finding the one that best suit your needs. Some women keep different kinds and sizes on hand for various situations. A good sanitary pad should be comfortable, irritation-free and help you feel fully protected against leaks. Pads are the most popular form of protection, even more so for overnight use.  

A tampon is placed inside the vagina where it will expand and absorb the menstrual blood. Some come with an applicator to facilitate the insertion of the tampon.  Women often prefer plastic applicators, as they are gentler. Tampons have different absorption levels (from “light” to “super plus”); you can pick the one that matches your flow. A lighter, smaller size is a better choice for young women. Some women have apprehensions on the first try, and worry that tampons hurt, but with practice, tampons quickly become easy to use and are often found to be most practical, especially when you have an active lifestyle or for swimming.

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