Looking for clear instructions for how to insert a tampon? Want to learn more about the different types of pads? Finding the products that best suit you is easier when one understands the different types of feminine hygiene products that are available.

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Period: Feminine hygiene products

Pads: Pads come in many different sizes and thicknesses. You wear a sanitary pad inside your underwear and it stays in place as a result of its adhesive strip. It absorbs the blood that flows out of your vagina and protects your clothes. Some women wear a pad or panty liner as a backup for a tampon so they don’t have to worry about leaks.  

You can find pads almost anywhere such as drug stores, grocery stores, even the corner store! There are so many different varieties that you might want to try a few before finding the one that best suit your needs. Some women keep different kinds and sizes on hand for various situations. For example, they use an Ultra Thin pad on days when they have a small amount of bleeding and larger Maxi pads when they have heavier bleeding or overnight when they are asleep.  

Remember to always dispose of your sanitary pads in the garbage, not the toilet. You can roll it in toilet paper or the wrapping from your new pad before throwing it away, for your privacy and for that of the other girls.  

It is not recommended to wear a pad while swimming. Tampons are a more appropriate choice for this activity. 

Panty liners: Panty liners are very thin, and often smaller than regular pads. They come in different lengths, some even specifically designed to adapt to thongs. Some women use panty liners at the start and end of their period when they have a very light flow. Others use them to supplement a tampon to prevent leaks. Still others use them daily to absorb their white discharge and avoid staining their panties. As with pads and tampons, panty liners should be disposed of in the garbage, not the toilet.

Tampons: You may be wondering: What is a tampon? Tampons absorb menstrual blood like pads, but they are inserted inside your vagina instead of lining your underwear. Tampons are about the size and shape of a finger. You place the tampon in your vagina so that the string on the end is hanging out. The tampon expands and absorbs your menstrual blood.  When it is saturated you pull it out by the string and throw it away. Some tampons come with an applicator to facilitate insertion. Young women often prefer plastic applicators since they are gentler.  

Tampons have different absorption levels (from “light” to “super plus”); you can pick the one that matches your flow. If you only recently started getting your period, you might want to start with a lighter, smaller size. It is also possible to use more than one size of tampon within the same cycle since the blood flow varies from one day to another (most often, the 2nd day is the heaviest).  

Do not worry if you are wondering how to insert a tampon, young women sometimes have nervous apprehensions on the first try; but, with practice, tampons quickly become easy to use and are often found to be most practical, especially when you have an active lifestyle or for swimming. Before the first use, read the instructions inside the box carefully.  

When you first try to insert a tampon it helps if you are in a room that gives you lots of space and privacy. A mirror can be helpful too! It might take a couple of tries before you get the hang of it – it’s tricky the first time but learning how to use a tampon gets easier with practice!

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