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For parents: Speaking about menstruation

Some mothers have found it useful to treat the first day of their daughter’s first period as a special day of mother-daughter bonding. It can be used as a time for one-on-one conversation, and to discuss feelings that she may be having. Don't be surprised if your daughter is a little reluctant to talk at first. This is especially the case when a father tries to talk about this sensitive topic with his daughter.

If you are a single father raising a daughter, then you will want to be very sensitive and understanding when bringing up this topic. And, if your daughter just can’t seem to open up about it, you may want to ask a grandmother or another female relative that has a close relationship with your daughter to explain menstruation to her.  

Your daughter has probably already heard various rumours about menstruation around the schoolyard, so you might have to correct a few inaccuracies and misnomers. Also, it is natural for you as the parent to be a little nervous and apprehensive as well. Just pick a quiet time and location to sit down and discuss this topic with your daughter. But don't expect to explain everything to her in a single evening - it will take time and a lot of repetition. Just remember to be patient. With time, your daughter will appreciate you having taken the time to explain things to her.

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