Looking for information about your first period? Concerned about the changes happening in your body? Puberty is a time that is filled with questions. Find out our answers to questions on the topic below!

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Menstruation: Appearance and colours

Many girls are concerned about brownish discharge but there's nothing to worry about! The quantity and colour of the blood varies throughout the menstrual cycle. Your blood will sometimes be in varying red, sometimes brown, sometimes brownish-red and darker or lighter. It's completely normal! 

Your bleeding will certainly be heavier the first two days of your flow, and may even contain clots. If you notice an unpleasant smell a few days later, don’t worry — this is feminine odour associated with your period. It is normal and will pass. To feel more comfortable, be sure to practice proper feminine hygiene and change your pads more often. If it bothers you, you can freshen up regularly with feminine wipes!