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Vaginal infections: causes and advice

Many factors can upset your vagina’s normal PH balance, including vaginal douches, feminine sprays, some soaps and bubble baths, antibiotics, etc.

Here is some advice for preventing vaginal infections:

Wear panties with a white cotton lining, and be sure that they’re not too tight. Synthetic and dyed fabrics may cause irritation. At night, don’t wear panties.

Wear comfortable pants that aren’t too tight in the crotch. The vaginal area of your body needs to breathe.

If you have sex, use a condom. Some infections produce no symptoms in boys and can be passed to girls without either one knowing.

Choose pads and panty liners with cotton-like softness, instead of ones that are waterproof or plastic, in order to keep you dry and allow your genitals to breathe.

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