Looking for information about your first few periods after childbirth? Pregnant and concerned about wearing postpartum pads or tampons after childbirth? Pregnancy affects the menstrual cycle of all women and the type of protection needed.

Find lots of information about pregnancy and your first periods after childbirth below!

Pregnancy: Main stages

There are three trimesters in a pregnancy:                           

First Trimester: you might experience excess fatigue since your body is working hard to support a growing fetus, which can wear you out more easily than usual.  You might have nausea (also called morning sickness).                        

Second Trimester: the expecting mom usually has a feeling of well-being and feels more energetic.  This timeframe is a good opportunity to start planning for the baby’s arrival, and do the things you won’t be able to do in the third trimester.

Third Trimester: Birthing is just around the corner, some things are becoming obstacles such as the big belly, lugging around the extra weight or the baby’s head pressing on your bladder.