Looking for information about your first few periods after childbirth? Pregnant and concerned about wearing postpartum pads or tampons after childbirth? Pregnancy affects the menstrual cycle of all women and the type of protection needed.

Find lots of information about pregnancy and your first periods after childbirth below!

Childbirth: Personal hygiene

During the first 15 days after giving birth, a shower is preferable to a bath, especially in case of episiotomy. Episiotomy scars should be kept clean and dry, something that is not easy due to the blood loss. Regular cleaning is required, especially after using the toilet. Use an antiseptic lotion or neutral pH soap, rinse and dry. Careful drying is required in regions where scarring has occurred (using a hair dryer is a good solution).

Throughout the first month after childbirth until menstruation starts again, irregular bleeding is common – this bleeding is sometimes dark red or brown in colour.  If you experience discomfort, irritation or abnormal pain, consult your gynecologist.

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