Looking for information about menstruation, PMS or contraception? Concerned about a late period or irregular periods? Our menstrual cycle can sometimes play tricks on us.

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Menstrual cycle: When toconsult a doctor?

You should consult a doctor as soon as you feel the need, and as soon as you have any questions for which you are unable to find clear answers. You should also consult a health care professional in the following cases:

You are 16 and you have not yet had your first period

Your periods are very painful and cause period cramps

Your period often lasts more than a week

Your periods are very abundant (if, for example, you have to change your pad or your tampon every hour or two hours or you observe a lot of blood clots)

You are bleeding between your periods (spotting between periods)

You feel emotional or physical period symptoms (period cramps, nausea, depression, irritability) that interfere with your daily life and are related to your menstrual cycle. Learn more about PMS symptoms here!