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Synchronized periods: Pheromones

It is possible that pheromones have created this sync. Of course, among the benefits resulting from pheromones, it has been noted that they could have a positive effect on the physiology and behaviour of others. As a matter of fact, the menstrual cycles of women who work or live together tend to get in sync because they are exposed to another woman’s female essence. Another positive spinoff is that pheromones make men attracted to women when they ovulate.

Odourless and volatile, pheromones are chemical molecules transmitted by glands located in armpits, around the nipples and in the groin area (apocrine glands). They have a great influence over animals’ behaviour and, according to recent studies, on humans too. In fact, they can indeed activate instinctive behaviours related to sexuality, aggressiveness and recognition of close relations (mother’s pheromones would attract her infant to her breasts).