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Run Forrest, RUN!

May 4th, 2015


As I previously mentioned, I signed up for a 10-K run a little later this year and I am slowly starting to train for it!!! Yes, I have been to the gym a few times this winter, but it seems that training for a race calls for a totally different type of preparation. 

If you're telling yourself that running is boring and that it's not for you, these five races should change your mind! 

1. Foam Fest

Ever wondered what it’s like when running becomes a party? That's what happens during Foam Fest! :P The principle is quite simple: you run 5 KM and along the way you come up against obstacles, especially in the form of foam! It’s so easy! It's like running through a bubble bath! Okay, maybe not exactly! There are a few spots where you have to drag yourself through mud, but when it comes time to dive into the foam-filled inflatable structures… Woohoo! What's more, there are two organized races: one race in Québec City on August 22nd and another at Mont Avila on September 12th! No excuses, girls! 

Foam Fest Run

2. Prison Break

Have you ever seen the show Prison Break? I got so into it… and was of course totally into Michael Scofield! Okay, the show is a little bit more well known than the race, but the fact remains that everyone has dreamed about being on the run! This race may appear pretty extreme, thank you very much, especially when you have to jump over fire and climb up ropes! But all I have to do is imagine the gorgeous Michael waiting for me at the finish line and I'm sure to be one of the fastest! But… I don't tell my boyfriend that part! ;) This race is held in different locations around Québec, but in Montréal, it will be held on July 11 and 12. Check out last year’s pics here!

Prison Break Race

3. The Night Run* (Course Nocturne)

This race is perfect for girls who aren't interested in being sore for two weeks afterwards! You can choose the distance you want – 1 KM, 2 KM, 5 KM or 10 KM – and you run the course at night in the heart of Montréal. Also, guest artists perform live on stage so the atmosphere is very cool! This year, Alex Nevsky and Sally Folk will be performing! If you're interested, the race is held on May 15th!

*The website is available in French only.

Course Nocturne Montreal

4. Les Courses Gourmandes*

My favourite races by far are centered around… food! YEAH! You can choose between several different routes… and various delicacies! For example, it's possible to do the Maple half-marathon that takes place in a maple forest. Towards the end of the summer, there's another one organized in an apple orchard – that’s the one I signed up for! There's even one in which you tour the microbreweries… I can just picture myself running forwards and then backwards through the course! Let's not forget that all of these races provide after-race snacks! YUMMY! Check out the website for available dates! 

*The website is available in French only.

Courses Gourmandes

5. The Apocalypse Run

I am 100% sure that I would just freak and run for real, without realizing that I am out of breath and that my calves are burning! Each year this race has a different theme. It was zombies last year and the year before it was horror movies. Imagine, it's night and there's a group of people dressed up in zombie costumes, chasing you. All the more reason to get the h--l out of there as fast as you can! #ProudToBEchicken :P  Please note there’s no date set yet for this race in 2015. #fingerscrossed 

While doing my research, I came across a unusual champion race that falls into the WTF category. It's a marathon that is run in Antartica! Run, yes, but over ice with white polar bears ready to make a meal of me, NO WAY!  

So, what race would you like to try this year?

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