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When toilet paper comes to the rescue!

July 15th, 2015

Hormonal Confessions

You know when you realize you just got your period… and you have NO protection on you!?!


Well, this girl had the following HORRIBLE experience when she got her period FOR THE FIRST TIME!

"I had started having this white discharge for weeks. At the beginning, I panicked. I wondered what this sort of sticky liquid was that I referred to as "snot."
One morning, when I woke up, I noticed even more of this sticky liquid in my underwear. Panicking, I called down to my mom. I thought something serious was happening to me. My mother reassured me by telling me it was just white discharge and that I had nothing to worry about. Feeling a bit more reassured, I went to school as usual. As my second class in the morning was gym, I had to change into my gym clothes. When I was changing, I noticed the crotch of my undies felt wet… and to my horror I say that it was stained with blood! I panicked and had no protection on me. So I decided to go to the bathroom and put toilet paper in my underwear to avoiding staining my gym clothes. For the entire phys-ed class, I had the terrible impression that everyone knew I had my period. When I got home, my mother showed me all the types of protection that exist! She was so proud that I had finally become a woman that by the end of the day… my entire family knew that I had started getting my period!"

Ahhh! The famous J-LO technique! I am 100% sure that ALL girls have resorted to it at least once in their lives! And when you're doing it, you can only hope you're not dealing with the cheap, ultra-rough toilet paper!

Think about this: If our girlfriends can sometimes help us out when we really need it, imagine if guys also carried protection on them to help us at such times to help us out! You think I'm dreaming? I'm not making anything up! A young boy started this movement not so long ago and it's gone global! Let's hope that most guys follow his example! :) #RealMenSupportWomen

So, would your male friends be game to carrying around some feminine protection on them to help us out when we need it?

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