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NO mom, I DON’T want to celebrate my first period!

December 8th, 2015

Hormonal Confessions

Okay let’s admit, mothers have this crazy tendency to OVERREACT when it comes to their little girls getting their period for the first time… and this was exactly what happened with our confidante! 

In my mom’s eyes, the first period is cause for celebration. Period! So when I announced that I had finally gotten it, she organized an entire day for me: eating out at the restaurant of my choice and then pad shopping. Ooooh yeah! Was I ever mortified in the feminine protection aisle!! She wasn’t exactly speaking quietly and asked me what I wanted for protection… there were so many people around us! Once at the cash, she even shared with the cashier that it was my first period! To complete this already fantastic day, when we got home, she announced this “news” to my brother’s really cute friends. OH. MY. GOD. I wanted to crawl into a hole! Ah yes… I forgot about my big sister’s course 101 on tampons. Of course, she forgot one detail: the super absorbent kind is not ideal for the first time! One thing is for sure, when my daughters get their monthly gift for the very first time, I definitely won’t raise the roof with all the fanfare I had to endure!”

Mom fails concerning their daughters’ periods are pretty rare, I have to say. Up to now, I’ve mainly had to deal with #DaddyFail! :P My advice to all those who have yet to get their first period: prepare a list of restaurants where you’d like to go when you announce the big news to your parents that you are officially a woman! You know what?! Just make the most of it! ;)

How did your mother react when you announced your big news for the first time?

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