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Having Your Period… in Front of the Whole Class

November 14th, 2014

Hormonal Confessions

Surely one of the most common phobias we all have during our period is having a huge blood stain, on the butt, for everyone to see! And unfortunately, it happened to this girl during a class:

"I’ve had my period for around a year and half, my gift to myself on my birthday, hehe! About a month ago, I had my period on a day that I naively wore light-coloured pants...What’s more, on that day, I was out of tampons so I wore a pad.

In class, I BASICALLY sat strangely on my chair, causing the pad to… SHIFT out of place! I was in math class and I got up to hand in my homework when everyone started to laugh. I didn’t clue in right away! It was the teacher who discretely came over to me and said, 'You should go and see the principal to call your mother; I believe you stained your pants.' SO UNCOMFORTABLE!"

How to attract attention, but in a really UN-cool way!

I wonder if the students in her class calmed down quickly; because, we agree, teens can be brutally cruel to one another!

But we shouldn’t make too big a deal of it either. It’s out of our control! Be brave, our dear anonymous confidant; it could happen to any of us.

If it happens to you or your girlfriends, I suggest that you send her a nice little picture like this one to lift her spirits ;) :


Have you ever stained your pants in public? How did you deal with the situation?

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