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Fart 1 – Dignity 0

September 22nd, 2015

Hormonal Confessions

Ha ha ha!! This hormonal confession is HI-LA-RIOUS!! We can all relate. You know, those menstrual cramps... that sometimes go wrong? Well, this gal learned this the hard way when she felt her first cramps... in front of the mother of her future, potential boyfriend! :P

"Hello Zoé,

My story is pretty short but mortifying! My mother and I were getting ready in the locker room for our Zumba class when I felt a sharp pain in my lower abdomen (I should also mention that it was the first time I had felt a menstrual cramp). The first time I said to myself: "I'm going to be sick!!" So I went to the bathroom and nothing happened (apart from the fact that I already had my period). Once I was in the Zumba room, I spotted the mother of the guy I had a crush on. She came over to speak to my mom. Just before she walked away, I laid (not intentionally) one serious ninja fart: silent but oh so deadly… probably a side effect of my period cramps. I think she noticed that I wasn't feeling very well because she gave me a funny look before she left! I was so embarrassed! :P"

Oh! Fortunately, the fart was silent… you can always say it was someone else!! But seriously, girls, it's normal if you feel bloated, have gas, diarrhea or constipation during your period. All these symptoms are part – YEAH!! (not) – of the side effects of our period! However, if these symptoms make you uncomfortable, don't hesitate to ask a health professional for some advice!

On that note, have you also been in a similar, embarrassaing situation because of your period? :P 

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