Looking for information about your first period? Concerned about the changes happening in your body? Puberty is a time that is filled with questions. Find out our answers to questions on the topic below!

Has your daughter just started her period, or will start soon? Check out our special “PARENTS” questions below!

For parents: Starter kit for the first period

You can start by gathering information from your doctor. Usually, they have a lot of printed material on this topic that you can share with your daughter. We also offer a first period starter kit. In this kit, you will find samples of products that are most appropriate for young women along with an information booklet about periods and puberty. You can receive the first period starter kit by contacting us through our contact form. Even though this topic is familiar to you, it never hurts to have a few visual aids handy, especially if she has specific questions. Even once your daughter understands the process itself, it can still be very difficult for her to understand the feelings and emotions that come along with menstruation.